We are offering Correspondence Course under Distance Education Course. This course has no facilitators or classroom interactions. The good news is, there is no relocation required for this course. You can do the course at your own pace from your own place!

If you are desiring to prepare for the ministry, personal growth, gaining a better understanding of God's Word or deepening their relationship with God, we have exactly what you need!

You have complete access to our entire first-year Charis Bible College through our distance education program. Each video lesson is recorded live at the Charis Bible College campus in Colorado Springs. This program consists of 39 courses. Each course has eight lessons.

Once you finish the first-year program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You are then eligible to apply for the second-year Practical Ministry Program at one of our Charis Bible College campuses across the globe. The second-year program requires active personal participation, hence the students have to attend one of CBC's physical locations; Weekdays and Weekend classes are available. This program cannot be offered through Distance Education.