Join us for a life-changing adventure of discovering God's Word through the teachings of Andrew Wommack and other seasoned teachers from the USA as you attend Charis Bible College India. The classes at CBC, which are based on the teaching of God's grace and unconditional love, have changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world!

CBC Course consists of two parts:

The First Part of the course is the Foundation teaching and ministry program, wherein we give students a solid foundation in the Word of God with an emphasis on God's grace and unconditional love. Through these classes you will receive revolutionary insights into the word of God which will help you in your everyday life and deepen your relationship with God. After completing you will get a certificate of completion.

The Second Part consists of the Advanced instruction and practical training program which includes a continuation of the study of God's Word and adds interactive classes where students are trained to minister, preach, counsel, and expand their vision in order to step out in faith. Upon completion the students will be fully equipped to go out confidently and fulfil their destiny.

After graduating you will get a diploma.

CBC India offers these teachings in different settings for different needs.

Here is a quick overview: